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Indee Labs Investment from BroadOak BioTools Venture Fund

BroadOak Capital Partners invested in Indee Labs out of its BioTools Venture Fund to support the development of Hydropore, which enables modified immune cell research and development with improved yield and function using a simple workflow, commercial GMP-grade buffers and a small footprint. DeciBio Consulting, a boutique life science strategy consulting firm, partnered with BroadOak to provide additional expertise. 

The full press release is below.

BERKELEY, Calif., April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Indee Labs, the developer of Hydropore™ for non-viral intracellular delivery, is partnering with BroadOak Capital Partners, a leading direct investment and advisory firm focused on life science research tools, pharmaceutical services and diagnostics, and DeciBio Consulting, a boutique life science strategy consulting firm to complete the development and launch of Hydropore RUO.

Indee Labs to launch Hydropore RUO and Cell Therapy, enabled by BroadOak’s strategic investment and domain expertise.

Illustration of the latest version of Hydropore for Research Use Only. (PRNewsfoto/indee labs)

Hydropore effectively delivers macromolecules, nucleic acids and gene-editing complexes to a variety of cell types. The platform is currently in development for large transgene inserts with DNA to T cells. Hydropore has already been shown to improve the function of gene-edited CAR-T cells and is currently being scaled up and out for cell therapy.

“Non-viral gene delivery will enable the next generation of gene-edited cell therapies,” shared Bryan Poltilove, Operating Partner, BroadOak. “We are excited that our first investment of the BroadOak BioTools Venture Fund will support a leading technology that will unlock the potential of this transformative modality.”

“We are excited to work with the team at BroadOak and DeciBio with their unique experience in the successful development and launch of life science tools and instruments for cell therapy. Cumulatively, we believe both teams will accelerate and improve the further development of the Hydropore Cell Therapy platform,” stated Ryan Pawell, CEO of Indee Labs.

Key advantages of the Hydropore platform include increased yield, reduced reagent consumption, and improved function of modified cells relative to multiple industry-standard electroporation and nascent delivery platforms. The partnership with BroadOak and DeciBio will empower the team at Indee Labs to accelerate the development and launch of Hydropore for cell therapy research, clinical development, and commercial manufacturing. 

Launched in collaboration with DeciBio in October 2022, the BroadOak BioTools Venture Fund supports promising young companies in commercializing their first offerings, a development stage traditionally lacking institutional capital and investor commitment. BroadOak’s BioTools Venture Fund combines BroadOak’s and DeciBio’s deep technical expertise, sector-specific focus, and extensive network to support companies enabling the precision medicine and gene-therapy revolution.

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