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BroadOak is a founding sponsor of BioTools Innovator, the premier accelerator for life sciences research tools companies. Based in Los Angeles, California, BioTools Innovator matches industry leaders with innovative early-stage and emerging growth biotechnology-focused companies for mentorship and support. 

Many early-stage companies have an excellent team and ideas, but lack the experience needed to execute their vision and the funding to fuel growth. BroadOak, and others, provide mentorship free-of-charge to BioTools Innovator companies. After several months of working together, this level of focus and support helps set up BioTools Innovator companies for long term success.

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BioTools Innovator’s mission is to “improve human health by accelerating the growth of life science tools and diagnostics companies.” The program provides early-stage life sciences companies with educational materials, networking opportunities, exposure to key stakeholders in the life sciences industry, and the opportunity to receive funding and mentorship.

Learn more here if you’re interested in BioTools Innovator.

2024 BioTools Innovator Overview

The 2024 BioTools Innovator cohort features 20 innovative companies dedicated to revolutionizing the biotech landscape. BroadOak’s Austin Duke was a panelist at this year’s Innovator Summit, which features participants in BioTools Innovator and other programs. 

BioTools Innovator was established to improve human health by accelerating the growth of a broad spectrum of life science tools and diagnostics. BroadOak Capital Partners has been a proud sponsor of BioTools Innovator since the program began in 2020.

Read the press release: Top 20 Life Sciences Companies Named to BioTools Innovator 2024 Cohort. 

Click here to follow the progress of the 2024 BioTools Innovator cohort and to learn more about this year’s program. 

Accellix is benefiting from the BroadOak team’s deep industry expertise, high engagement, and constant availability to advise us on strategic matters. From a transaction perspective, BroadOak has tailored a structure to meet our needs.

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