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Looking to the future, emerging life sciences technologies will drive the industry, enabling a new wave of scientific understanding and therapies developed for patients with conditions once thought impossible to treat. With an eye toward the future of life sciences technology, BroadOak has built a team and a network of key opinion leaders with the experience and knowledge in Cell and Gene therapy, Single Cell, Bioprocess, and Life Sciences Software. BroadOak executives serve on the boards of leading life sciences companies and organizations, including MD Bio, Science and Medicine Group, and Slone Partners. As one of the most active investors in the space, BroadOak combines financial expertise and deep knowledge of the life sciences industry to offer investment companies and advisory clients a compelling value proposition.

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BroadOak Investor Meetings

Once a year, we welcome founders, investors, and stakeholders for several days to discuss the latest trends and developments in the life sciences tools, diagnostics, and biopharma services industries. Unstructured time is built in so entrepreneurs, investors, and experts can make valuable connections. Our sixth Investor Day was held in April of 2023. 

2023 Investor Meeting

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ISCT Annual Meeting

The International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT) annual meeting attracts investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from around the world. BroadOak Operating Partner Bryan Poltilove led a panel discussion on strategies to attract capital for CGT tools and technologies businesses at the 2022 meeting.

Phacilitate's Advanced Therapies Week

Advanced Therapies Week is an opportunity to connect with people and organizations helping bring cell and gene therapies to patients. At the 2023 event, Operating Partner Bryan Poltilove moderated a panel on technology investment for advanced therapies. In 2022, Bryan led a panel discussion on how entrepreneurs should engage with investors.

BroadOak knows the life sciences tools and services industry inside and out. From start to finish, our relationship has been a true partnership.

Tom Hiddemann
Managing Director | Antibodies-Online

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Market Focus

We invest in and advise life sciences companies with a focus on Cell and Gene Therapy, Single Cell Genomics, and Life Sciences Software.