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Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) is transforming the development of new medicines, enabling durable cures for previously untreatable diseases.  There were over 2,400 CGT clinical trials in 2021. Over the past five years, biotech CGT financings have grown at a 46% CAGR, reaching $22.7 billion in 2021.  CGT has increased from 12% to 20% of total biotech VC financing.

Adeno-associated viruses

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Single Cell Genomics

Single Cell Genomics/Multiomics is leading to important breakthroughs in the fundamental understanding of disease. Single Cells may look the same, but express different genes and behave differently with respect to disease. While still early, this $1 billion market is growing rapidly at 20% year over year and presents an exciting area for strategic investment.

DNA molecules

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Life Sciences Software

From discovery through commercial, software innovation is transforming the life sciences industry. These new technologies enable researchers, developers, and clinicians to solve longstanding problems and ultimately improve patient outcomes. In 2021, over $5 billion was raised to finance life sciences digital research and development companies.

Life sciences technology on table.

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We found BroadOak to be a friendly source of capital with a unique perspective on facility structuring that offered a perfect solution for us.

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CEO | Reaction Biology

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Industry Engagement

BroadOak engages with the life sciences industry through several events each year, including hosting an annual Investor Day and sponsoring BioTools Innovator.